Diagnostic - FREE!

RAM Installation - $14.99

Power Supply Replacement - $19.99

DVD Drive, Sound Card, Video Card & Other components - $29.99

Keyboard Replacement (Laptop) - $29.99

Motherboard Replacement - $99.99

Operating System (OS) Installation/Upgrade - $49.99

LCD Screen Replacement (Laptop) - $79.99

Replace Hard Drive (Installing OS, Drivers, Data) - $79.99

*Prices do NOT include parts and all prices may vary depending on the item being ordered.



Diagnostic - FREE!

- Perform thorough diagnostic to identify problem

- Remove all Malware on computer

- Run all critical updates on Operating System (OS)

- Remove obsolete and infected applications

- Install Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware programs

All this for only - $59.99


Home Networking Installation and Configuration

- Validate incoming broadband signal (DSL, U-Verse, Cable)

- Setup & configure the Internet connection to the router

- Secure Wi-Fi access

- Configure up to 3 devices with Internet connection

- Setup file and print sharing as defined by client

- Test each component in system for network function

All this for only - $119.99 (Additional devices - $25)

Business Networking Consulting/Installation/Configuration

- On-Site Consultation - $99.99

- Review all current devices

- Advise to re-furbish, replace or upgrade current system

- Provide an estimated range of projected costs based on recommended products

- Provide detailed quotation to perform work, if requested


Informational Website - $699

6 pages. (Home, About Us, Services, Pricing, Contact, etc).

Additional Pages - $120

Interactive Page (Flash based) - $1,199

8 pages. (Video & Podcast embedding)

Additional Pages - $100

E-commerce Website - $1,699

10 pages.(Online cart setup, ability to accept PayPal or credit)

Additional Pages - $80

* 10 second Flash Intro - $150

* 30 second Flash Intro - $300

We thank you for the opportunity to provide these services, and look forward to helping you turn your IT vision into a successful reality!


Pricing up to 8 cameras with DVR - $999.99

Pricing up to 16 cameras with DVR - $1799.99

Pricing up to 24 cameras with DVR - $2599.99

*Actual prices can vary dramatically based on your particular location.


- Diagnostic - FREE!

- Recover deleted files from a drive that is in good working order

- Recovered files will be transferred to an external hard-drive, burned unto a DVD, or setup to an online backup service (not included in price) - $129.99

*Drives that are physically damaged or require extreme recovery procedures need to be sent to a Clean Room. We can recommend you with various companies that specialize in this type of extreme recovery.


Basic Home Theater Setup - $119.99

- Conduct a pre-installation site survey upon arrival  

- Unpack your new Home Theater System

- Integrate and connect up to 3 video components (Cable or Satellite, DVD and Game Console)

- Connect Speakers without mounting in-wall or on-wall

- Ensure all wires and cables are neatly dressed (exposed)

Surround Sound Installation - (5.1) $399.99 (7.1) $499.99

- Mount Speakers in-wall or on-wall

- Conceal the speaker wire through the attic, crawl space or beneath your moldings

- Program the basic functions of your remote control

*Table Top TV Installation - $79.99

*On the Wall TV Installation (No Wire Concealment) - $159.99

*On the Wall TV Installation (Wire Concealment) - $199.99