Is your computer running slow? Are you having problems with your current Operating System (OS)? In need of a hardware repair or upgrade? Hardware and software issues can be repaired on your  desktop and/or laptop.



Pop-ups? Viruses? Spyware? Your security is at stake!

But do not fear, we are here to eliminate any type of malware that is taking your computer hostage. Our expertise to eliminate and provide ongoing protection is our priority!


Having problems connecting or setting up your Wireless Network? Interested in setting up an office network that works efficiently?

Businesses today cannot compete effectively without a robust IT infrastructure. Let us evaluate your networking needs!


-  Software installation and upgrades

-  Internal component replacement (Power Supply, DVD Drive, RAM, etc.)

-  Motherboard replacements

-  LCD screen replacements on laptops / OS Upgrades

-  Thorough diagnostic to identify problem

-  Repair of residual issues to Operating System

-  Installation of critical Operating System Updates

-  Antivirus and Anti-spyware software installations for protection

-  Wired and Wireless implementation

-  Network Planning, Design and Deployment

-  Local Area Network (LAN) / Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructures

-  Security Auditing  

Interested in having your own website? Or revamping your already existing one? We can help you build a site that reinforces branding, increases site traffic and strengthens customer loyalty. We create attractive, professional websites that are eye catching, functional, and is a cost effective advertising medium.

-  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

-  Cross-browser compatibility / Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

-  Informational Sites, Flash based Sites, E-commerce

-  User friendly with easy navigation

We thank you for the opportunity to provide these services, and look forward to helping you turn your IT vision into a successful reality!


Protect your family, customers, home, and business using video surveillance. Peace of mind comes from knowing there are cameras strategically placed inside and outside your home and business. Keep an eye on your home/business with remote video security using any web-enabled computer, smart phone, or tablet.

-  Uses a remote server

-  Secure viewing

-  Protect your property

-  Go back in time to find a certain point in time


Do you have pictures, music, or documents that you would hate to lose?

We will attempt to recover lost files from your hard drive, flash drive, memory card or just about any device that stores data.

We are focused on providing solutions that help small businesses and home users protect their data without investing a lot of time and energy.

-  Backup of your data to an external hard-drive or other media

-  Enjoy peace of mind!

-  Data transfer from old to new computer

-  Safe and Secure


We can turn your common space into a nice entertainment cinema. Our goal is to make today's technology simple and clear, to provide you with a robust, convenient, and enjoyable home environment tailored to your lifestyle and business needs.

-  Projector Screen Installation and Calibration

-  Remote Control Programming

-  Plasma LCD TV Installation on a wall

-  Indoor or Outdoor Speaker Installation